Fund Management

We deliver outperformance through our meticulous approach.


We aim to optimise our client’s assets and to deliver outperformance to an agreed set of objectives. We provide a highly personal service with Directors involved at all stages. Continuity of personnel has ensured that many of our clients have benefited from our fund management advice for over 40 years.

Our Fund Management and Asset Management teams produce an holistic approach to all aspects of property ownership.

We make full use of all modern fund management techniques but believe that ultimately it is the application of the Fund Manager’s judgement which determines success. We measure performance against agreed criteria and aim to consistently outperform benchmarks


We understand our client’s objectives and agree with them a clear, unequivocal and deliverable strategy to achieve their desired balance between risk and reward when managing their assets and funds. Our instructions range from a purely advisory basis through to fully discretionary mandates.

Performance Analysis

We undertake a comprehensive analysis of every portfolio and the performance is then compared against an appropriate benchmark, usually MSCI.


Our research team produce up to the minute statistical information, market analysis and forecasting models on all aspects of the commercial property market, to enable the Fund Manager to make informed judgements and benefit your investment.


We provide detailed reports as required, but often on a quarterly basis covering all aspects of the fund and asset management of the portfolio.


Our team is constantly in the market, and undertakes purchases and sales according to the client’s ongoing requirements. The Asset Management team then ensure each asset is intensively managed to retain and maximize income flow and spot opportunities to enhance future capital growth.